SNaPCo: A company targeted at creating the strength of Black trans as well as queer individuals to pressure systemic divestment from the prison industrial complex and invest in community assistance.

The National Black Justice Coalition: A civil rights organization discord bot focused on the empowerment of Black LGBTQ individuals and individuals living with HIV/AIDS, with the objective of ending stigma and racism towards LGBTQ individuals.

The Black Trans Advocacy Coalition: A national organization led by Black trans individuals to jointly deal with the inequities experienced in the Black transgender human experience.

Black AIDS Institute: A company working to end the Black HIV pandemic through policy, advocacy, and high quality immediate HIV services.The Okra Project: A collective which seeks to deal with the global crisis experienced by Black trans individuals by bringing home cooked dishes as well as materials to the community.

We encourage everyone to keep on organizing at the nearby level, protest, and need change. Additionally, in case you are not in a position to donate to the Tiltify campaign of ours however wish to help out, you are able to spread the word by sharing the campaign link with anybody who might be interested.

We are not completed yet though! We will be back in a couple of days to make the spotlight to some Partnered LGBTQ servers which are actually celebrating Pride month.

Welcome to the dawn of a brand new era for the Discord overlay. We are able to call this the Awesomozoic Era. No dinosaurs here. Rather, we’ve some great revisions for the overlay introduced a few days before and a preview of several more updates to come.We have got photographs for each one of these things, so please leave in case you hate photographs.

What is Already Available?

Overlay Performance Boost

We understand how unreliable the Discord overlay has historically been. We see how annoying that may be (we put it to use too!), therefore we have invested heavily in enhancing overlay efficiency.

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