Online customer service becomes a mainstream for both the online and offline worlds. Internet services such as email communication and ticketing systems can save you a lot of efforts and money, while delivering quality response to customers’ queries and helping you  ticketing system   focus on money-making areas such as marketing. Do you know how they can help? This article will help you discover the powers of online customer service.

One of the key characteristics of online support system is ticketing application. For instance, famous web applications like Kayako support ticket and osticket etc allow you to implement a help desk area, whereas customers can fill in an online form with a ticket number assigned, and you can take your time to answer the queries without doing it real-time. The beautiful part is that you can outsource the tasks of handling support tickets to somebody else if you like.

In addition, these support systems often have built-in knowledge base function. You can add custom frequently asked questions to avoid answering the similar questions over and over again. Some advanced platforms even provide live-chat system. Customers can chat online with you about their problems. Voice chatting is also possible if you prefer online chat with tools like skype.


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